iPhone vs. Instinct


Not your animal instinct, but the new Samsung Instinct, offered by Sprint. We will have some embedded video on Thursday hopefully, but until then, hit this link to go to Kansas City’s video site to see a side-by-side comparison of Apple and Sprint’s “find my location” features. The video is one of five that will be launched before the Instinct is launched, and will compare the two phones among their internet surfing speeds, capturing video, streaming TV, and downloading music.

The $100 million advertising campaign kicks off on Thursday on those hip, new video websites. TV ads are so passé. You would think that kind of change could have bought some better quality, even the YouTube iPhone commercials look better than this. It will be interesting to see if this $100 million budget is killed before by the rumored new features of the 3G iPhone, allegedly coming out in June, also. If it has GPS, 3G, and other great features (renting movies from the phone, anyone?), this could be a wasted advertising campaign. The Instinct will supposedly have live streaming TV as well, and I don’t think Uncle Steve will be throwing that in to his “One more thing…” part of the keynote.

The Instinct site starts with “Finally, an amazing touch-screen phone with the network to back it up.” So, from that it looks like Sprint is saying that the iPhone still rocks, but the network (AT&T) stinks. I don’t think many people will disagree with that statement. I know that I would buy an iPhone in a second if I could have it on a different network.

The other thing that gets me about this campaign is that it was probably created in Overland Park, KS, at Sprint Headquarters. That means that the coverage for Sprint in that area, where nearly everyone is on Sprint, is exceptional. The screenshot below shows AT&T’s coverage for Sprint Headquarters.

AT&T’s coverage viewer claims that they have “good” reception in this area which means

GOOD: The areas shown in the medium orange should be sufficient for on-street or in-the-open coverage, most in-vehicle coverage and possibly some in-building coverage. This AT&T owned network provides GSM, GPRS, and EDGE service.

Even with 3G, it would be hard for AT&T to have better times if they have “possibly some in-building coverage.” I wonder if Sprint thought about that and intentionally set it up for them to do better, or if the Sprint network really is that much better than the AT&T network. Both carriers don’t work at all in my basement. Anyone had any experience with both that would like to vouch for either one?



Just bought an instinct 3 days ago, and love it. I am a realist and can admit that the iphone is better at many things except one: BEING A PHONE! At the end of the day, I needed a phone that works more often than not. I was on the metro in DC the other day, and I was surfing espn.com in a tunnel — for those in DC, you know that Verizon is supposedly the only game in town that works underground. My instinct worked fairly well underground, dropped the connection to the internet once, but I was able to refresh and check out some articles…I don’t know anybody with an iphone that can do that (and I know, this is AT&T and not the phone itself). Bottom line for me: Sprint + instinct was better than AT&T + iphone, but only in my opinion and more importantly in the area where I live. To each his own, of course.

Arnold T

All the Instinct fans are just regretting they bought it…. Who really cares if the coverage is better! Then just get a normal phone.
If you REALLY want more bang for your buck get a iphone. apps are always coming out and developers see that. bottom line is the iphone is so far ahead… ALL clones will be just playing catch up.

I’ve yet to see a “new” vs 3G iphone add.

Samsung = biters

Instinct is just one UGLY phone, Icons Ugly, plastic screen Ugly!

David pietiiewicz

I am currently debating switching over to atnt from sprint to buy the prestigious iPhone. I still do not know if I should stick with sprint and get the new, instinct. From what I know about the two phones, the iPhone blows it out of the water.

Iphone Stander

Oh my lord! Why are people fighting over this? Everyone knows that the Iphone is so much better than the instinct. #1. It looks so much better. #2 it has over 2gb and the instinct only has that much. #3 oh and FYI all you dimwits out there with the instinct, all of the ads that have been placed on the web are mostly untrue. The iphone can do as much as the instinct can, and all you have to do is download the apps that you need to make the certain thing you want it to do. so shutup, like the iphone, and be happy with your life.

Jose Miranda

I’m typing from my Instinct. I think there’s a couple of things that need to be fixed on the phone but it seems Samnsung is working on fixing them… I would like to have a test drive with the Iphone to test it… but I think this is just a discussion sucha as… whats better? Windows, Mac OS or Linux/Unix… I think its only a matter of taste…

Instinct Man

The instinct is the way to go i always have coverage roaming or not everythings free plan is awsome so you really dont have to worry about not being covered. On top of that the instinct is way more user friendly than the iphone my nephew has one and he just wishes he would have waited on the instinct

iPhone nub

I am typing from my new iPhone and it’s great. And the instinct is a good phone but it’s all in your preference. I chose the iPhone.


People should stop compairing the iphone and instinct. iphone is the best phone. instinct is pretty nice phone needs a better web browser. Not just the instinct have problems iphone has some problems as well.


Ive had both phones and I really like them both but if I had to choose I’d go with the instinct because it hasd more to it, and I get amazing reception(OHIO). The Iphone is just a good looking phone and is very user friendly I think 3g shoulve had more to it … I think I should’ve been on the development team I would have made this phone #!:)


the Sprint instinct looks terrible. the picture looks like the first gameboy. it is only 2gb. and plus its a complete copy of the iphone, which it will never beat. iphone wins in my book all the way.


So, I live in very rural central Illinois. I have had verizon (CDMA), I have had t-mobile, I have had sprint. I now have AT&T and even though I have serious issues with their business ethic, I have NEVER had reception this good. In areas where I used to have weak signal, I have all bars. Moreover, I’ve got the iPhone 3G, and I’ve never had a better phone.

I don’t know what you all are talking about with iPhone and AT&T problems, I haven’t seen a one. I have seen the instint phone… It’s a cheap knockoff of the iPhone and it shows. It doesn’t have a real browser, it’s even slower on EGDE (since I’m in central Illinois, no G3 for me) than my old palm centro.

Very sad to see so many people so misinformed.


iPhone (Jailbroken) > iPhone (virgin) > Instinct.

The iPhone has a much more natural feeling interface, has a better developing platform (and therefore more useful apps), and has faster, better internet browsing and email. More than what can be said about the Instinct. The Instinct is just a gimmick.


I have the Instinct and the MTV videos don’t even load 99% of the time. The GPS is perhaps the best feature of this device. The videos that do load are very choppy. News clips are choppy, the web browser is no good, and many web pages fail to load. There are a ton of things wrong with the Instinct. But if you want to stay away from spying AT&T and don’t do that much web surfing on your phone, the Instinct fits the bill.

Overall, the Instinct is a good start, but the iPhone still blows it away. Try them both and you will see for yourself. And yes, I did have the iPhone before.


iPhone is nice but overpriced, plus ATT jacked up the price of service. No voice commands, no video, no MMS, no real GPS. Why does Jobs always withhold stuff? So he can include those things in the NEXT iPhone and make everyone buy another one.


Can the Instinct act as a 160 ppi WiFi remote control for iTunes (or WinAmp) on your desktop and play the music on multiple sets of remote powered speakers all around your home? I think not. Sorry Sprint, you’ll never be that cool.


You iphone freaks kill me with all your talk about apples 3g grandness. strip away all the glamor and features from both phones and sprint still kicks iphones as…
Besides the fact that sprint is a cell phone company that has perfected its tech with its latest release of the instinct. It has done something that at&t would never do. and that is to finally give the consumer a chance to have full mobile capabilities with its simply everything plan; plus the style and capabilities to make anyone look good. Now at&t and all other mobile company’s have to jump on the band wagon or get left behind. But no, and mark my words at&t will milk this cash cow until their customer start jumping ship…. and most already have


I had 5 Iphones over the last 6 months, all bad. I picked up the Instinct and it works out of the box. Along with unlimited everything, $250 on my last ATT bill, time to cut and run from the Iphone and ATT.

I know all the Apple fanboys will cut the Instinct, but a phone is supposed to be a phone, not an Ipod first. See if the new Iphone will have streaming live radio, ya sure, Apple wants you to buy their proprietory Itunes music. I erased a song off the Instinct by mistake, I figured like Itunes, I lost .99, I went to the song and just redownloaded the song. Wake up Apple, competitors are passing you up. Like me and I am a Mac user!


I had an iphone for a while and wasnt trilled…i just picked up the new instinct and am amazed at the speed and quality. in just north of detroit and i get 4 bars almost everywhere i go….including my basment


Just got the instinct on the 19th of june. I like the phone. It’s a little small but thats ok. I was used to Windows mobile. instinct does not support. Hopefully third party will come along so I can sync my Outlook with names, addresses, & appointments. Like most people said I have no problem with coverage. I travel a lot and always have coverage. And I love my air card. EVDO


I’m a big data user — currently have a ppc6700 — i’ll take sprint any day. I usually have signal where my sister’s iPhone doesn’t, and if I don’t have signal, she usually doesn’t either.

and EVDO absolutely _KILLS_ EDGE. not to mention EV-DO Rev. A is going to be twice as fast as current-gen EVDO. Another plus ofr me with my currentp hone _and_ the instinct is that with the unlimited data plan, you can use it as a modem for yourlaptop. I love having my laptop with me on the road and with my phone, i can have DSL-speed (EVDO) internet anywhere. It’s fast enough to where I can even watch YouTube videos in the car if i’m a passenger and things get boring. :P


Hello people I work for Sprint and I just want to inform you of some things that are going to put Sprint at least 2 to 3 yrs ahead of the competition. Its the new 4g network. Wimax technology, Xohm. This new internet service will work faster than any suped up home pc broadband conncection, however on your cellphone.Check it out just type in WiMax on Sprint in your favorite search engine. This will be the fastest internet around..period! Verizon, att,tmobile or no one else will have this for another 2 to 3 yrs. Also sprint is adding the Nextel push to talk on Sprint phones, which will also be compatible with nextel. They will have more features and of course..cooler phones. Will launch in june. The Samsung Instinct will launch june 20 2008 so stay tuned. To see the Instinct kick the Iphones butt go to http://www.nowisgood.com


My sprint phone get a signal on one side of the street but on the other it doesnt. At work I must go to the window to maintain a signal when I start talking. If i dont talk at work I keep a strong signal. Im in Hampton VA


It all depends on the kind of phone that you want. Most people just wanna be able to say ‘Oh! I have an iPhone!’ But if you don’t care about popularity then the instinct would probably be better for you, although it has a video camera and live TV, does that make it better than the iPhone? I don’t think so-apple is amazing and they are just going to come out with something better than any phone in the world. But the instict seems to be smaller…


These were shot in San Francisco, where service is exactly the same on both phones. You can see that if you watch the GPS video.

I think this is pretty ballsie of Sprint. But they have a leg to stand on. The new Instinct is awesome – and while it does compare against a year-old iPhone, I think I get the message that when it is ready for an upgrade, I’d rather spend $200 for a fast network, true GPS, Live TV, the option to download music from anywhere, etc. I don’t think I’ll spend $699 to get the same phone I already have with 3G…


The other thing that gets me about this campaign is that it was probably created in Overland Park, KS, at Sprint Headquarters. That means that the coverage for Sprint in that area, where nearly everyone is on Sprint, is exceptional.

Actually, I worked on the Sprint campus, and coverage for the network was very spotty. Surprisingly, there are a number of dead spots in and around the Sprint campus.


I have an iPhone on AT&T and a Sony TZ laptop on Sprint. I recently visited the Medford Oregon area and both services coverage was pretty much what they advertised on their coverage maps. Sprint was slug slow (try 56K!) and AT&T had full-speed Edge. It was faster to check my email and access the web on my iPhone than on the laptop. In Oregon, AT&T seems to have more medium-to-high speed coverage than most other providers.


I can hardly to see this fight… :) I’m a Treo 700p user who loves the things I can do with that phone, including the ability to use it as a modem in areas I can’t get WI-FI for my MacBook Air. Like the author of the article, I’d buy an iPhone in a minute if it were in a different network that would give me better reception and EVDO (such as Sprint does).


My last Sprint phone rarely got any reception in my apartment (just outside of San Francisco). I basically couldn’t use it when I was at home. It was a work-issued phone, so i was stuck with it. My AT&T iPhone consistently gets 4 bars.

GSM vs. CDMA, I guess.


My Sprint phone got great reception at work. My iPhone is lucky to get one bar, unless I’m sitting next to a window. I gotta walk 300 feet to the nearest window. GSM vs. CDMA, I guess.

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