Google Reader adds Notes, needs to add more customizations

GooglereaderFor over a year now, my RSS reader of choice has been Google Reader. It supports offline functionality, keeps my feeds in one central location and is drop-dead simple to use on my computers and my iPhone. New features are slowly being added and the latest is a nice Notes feature that appears under the “Your Stuff” menu in the top left pane. With it, you can create a Note or drag web content in for a quick note. That’s all well and good… except for small screens.As Google adds new features, I don’t see them adding ways to customize your view in case you don’t want to take advantage of these functions. While the “Your Stuff” menu option expands and contracts, it’s not something I even want to see, yet I can’t remove it. “Friends Shared Items” is another one: yes, it’s useful and a feature I don’t mind seeing on my full-sized notebooks, but there’s another line of wasted space on my 7-inch displays. What happens is that as each new menu feature is added, it causes fewer and fewer RSS feeds to show on my UMPC, and isn’t that the core functionality of an RSS reader? To show RSS feeds?I don’t begrudge the new features at all. However, what I’d like to see is a way to further customize my view so I can see more of what I need to see when I’m on the run. If I’ve missed some customization view settings, I’m counting on you folks to point them out.


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