Get Enterprise Level Security for your Personal Laptop

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img yoggieAs a Mobile Web Worker, my laptop is the lifeblood of my business and my primary means of communication and productivity. It’s critical that it not only stay secure and free from virus and malware infection, but it also has to run smoothly and allow me to focus on the work at hand.

That’s why I am so intrigued by the Yoggie Gatekeeper Card Pro, an ExpressCard mini-computer that offloads 13 security applications from the PC to a powerful Linux-based mini-server. It brings the security of a corporate network to the mobile worker.

With applications ranging from Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam to Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems, the Gatekeeper Card Pro replaces all of your installed security applications and promises Pentagon Level Protection without the resource drain of running them directly on your laptop.

Yoggie has received rave reviews for their existing solutions like the USB based Pico and the Gatekeeper Card Pro seems poised to continue on in that tradition.

The Gatekeeper Card Pro will begin shipping on June 15th with a retail price of $199 but can be pre-ordered now for $159 direct from the Yoggie Store. It comes with a 1 year subscription for updates with a $40 annual renewal charge.  It is 32-bit XP and Vista Compatible.

Are you ready to give up your desktop security apps for a Yoggie solution?

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