Cash-flush Kongregate Adds Facebook Widget


Finally, another game widget worth adding next to Scrabulous. Last week came news that Jeff Bezos invested $3 million in casual game site Kongregate; I just noticed that CEO Jim Greer and his team have added a Kongregate Facebook widget to their service, too.

Right now, it’s mainly just a platform to launch featured games from the Kongregate site, but it’s got some cool Facebook-unique functionality as well: Your best scores are featured on your FB profile, for instance, and you can compare your Kongregate rank to other gamers on the social network.

According to the widget FAQ, upcoming features include Kongregate games playable right on Facebook, as well as high-score leaderboards for you and your friends. In between rounds of Desktop Tower Defense and Sonny, be sure to check out this 1UP interview with Greer, where he describes his company’s bid to become “the Xbox Live for Flash games” — and the smart development deals they’ve worked out with indie Flash game developers.



I’m not sure you can call $3M cash flush. It’s kind of a small amount of capital.

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