Addict-o-matic: the Newest Metasearch


ScreenshotThere are certainly plenty of search engines out there. There are even plenty of metasearch engines: search pages that hit multiple sources. The most recent one I’ve found – Addict-o-matic – turns out to be a good way to search in the sort of tech news arena that I frequent. Enter a search term – say, “Rails” – and you get back a page full of little result boxes that populate asynchronously. You’ll find a lot of the usual suspects: Technorati, Google Blog Search, Truveo and YouTube videos, Flickr photos, Topix, Bloglines,, Summize, and others. You’re free to rearrange, delete, and add sources to customize your results page (though you can’t get a new source on the list).

Addict-o-matic also features prebuilt pages for things like Web 2.0, Election 2008, and Gossip. Next time you want to see what the buzz is on something right now, give them a spin.

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