ROK Acquires Online Video Firm Jalipo Ltd. For $16.8 million


UK and U.S. based mobile entertainment firm ROK (LSE: ROK) has announced the acquisition of Jalipo Limited, the UK-based online video firm offering live streaming content. The acquisition, for 600,000 common shares of ROK, comes to around $16.8 million (£8.5 million) at ROK’s current share price. Jalipo stands apart from other live, internet TV firms in that it charges users to watch content from its various partners, arguing that it doesn’t make sense for creators to give away their content for free. Jalipo’s content providers include CNN International, Al-Jazeera and BBC World. The acquisition comes on the heels of ROK taking a 51 percent take in Finnish mobile developer Geniem. London-based ROK says the deal will help bolster its place in the mobile TV market. Release.

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