Reliance Entertainment’s Content Acquisition; Zapak Plans Merchandise, 500 Gameplexes

An interesting insight from Kamal Gianchandani, COO of BigFlicks on content acquisition by the Reliance Entertainment. Gianchandani tells in an interview that Reliance Entertainment has a central acquisition team, which acquires films for all platforms, keeping in mind the interests of all departments; however, if the rights are sold separately, then the departments acquire them directly from the film producer. I don’t remember any instances of rights for the same film being exploited by all of the groups departments. There are synergies with other departments as well – TV content from BIG TV for video on demand (VoD); they can bundle content with Reliance Energy. T

The company will be offering content that can be transferred to the mobile, and add community features as well. Some book-keeping updates: BigFlicks claims to have a content library of 1000 films, thousands of hours of TV content, 15000 titles for rental. Apparently they’ve done lakhs of streams. On the offline retail front, they have 50 stores and are targeting 200 stores by the end of the year. Lots more in the interview here.

Zapak is also planning to launch merchandise around its games – bags, apparel, wristbands, mugs, headphones etc, reports Business Standard. COO Rohit Sharma has said the company expects as high as 25 percent of turnover to come from the segment. By when? The company is in talks with McDonalds, Cadbury, Domino’s and other companies. Zapak had earlier done a promo with Domino’s. The company is also targeting 500 gameplexes by 2009.