Microsoft OneCare 2.0 free after rebate

41o1s8wbwil_sl500_aa280__2I’m not going to debate who’s got the best anti-virus and anti-spyware software on the market, that would be anti-productive. Instead, I’ll just point out that Microsoft OneCare 2.0 can be had for free after a mail-in rebate. You can purchase the software from Amazon for $30, which ought to qualify you for free shipping, and then send in the $30 rebate request (PDF). The rebate is also good towards an in-store purchase of OneCare, but I doubt you’ll find it that cheap.I did beta test and then pay for OneCare when it first came to market and it did a pretty solid job for my PCs. I did have an occasionally over-zealous firewall as a result, but was always able to work around any issues that popped up. Folks should realize that OneCare is a subscription model, just like many of its competitors, so this deal will get you the software and a year of coverage. After that you’ll have to renew or you’ll miss out on updates to the program’s virus definition files. If you’re just looking for basic anti-virus protection, you can try my current PC solution: AVG Free.(via CyberNet)


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