Four Sites for Animation Fans

Thanks to the web, cartoons aren’t just for Saturday mornings anymore — they’re for every morning, and afternoon and night, too. Independent animators are reaching wide audiences by putting their work online and there’s a ton of great cartoons to be found. Here are four places you can find some of the best.

We’ve covered the YouTube of animation site before, and they’ve just announced distribution partnerships with both online and mobile partners. The beauty of aniBoom is that anyone can upload their work, and while this makes it harder to sift through the bad to find the good, poke around and you’re sure to find some clever stuff.

Cold Hard Flash
CHF is a daily blog dedicated to finding the best Flash animation on the web. From big studio projects to super-small one-offs, CHF has a knack for finding great work before it gets famous. Check out today’s pick: A Pug’s Life:

Channel Frederator
If you’re looking for something a little edgier, hit up Channel Frederator. Aside from the always-great Meth Minute 39, CF aggregates top-notch animation from all over. The site has culled the cream of the crop for its Channel Frederator Awards, giving you the chance see not only the best work, but vote for your favorite as well.Newgrounds
Newgrounds has been around forever, but continues to get more than 1.5 million viewers a month (according to Compete). It skews younger, so there’s a lot of high school-level humor you’ll have to wade through, but the site is packed with one-offs and web series, so you’re sure to find something (I’d embed a clip for you, but I couldn’t find the embed feature on the crammed-to-the-gills page).