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Document creation on the iPod Touch: Glide OS Mobile

GlidemobileiphoneHere’s a slick way to create documents on that iPod Touch, provided you have some WiFi connectivity: use Glide OS Mobile. Michael Connick does just that and uses the web-based application to create his WordPress blog posts as well as his tweets in Twitter. Michael couples this solution with the iCopy bookmarklet for copy and paste functionality on his Touch. He has several other core applications and functions listed this morning; well worth the look if you’re an iPod Touch or an iPhone owner.

It’s been a minor pet peeve of mine that my iPhone doesn’t fully work with Google Docs, since that’s my main word processor these days. I can view my docs, but I can’t edit them, nor can I create new ones. I may look into the Glide OS Mobile solution because that would actually let me create a new Google Doc. I figure I can create the doc and then paste it into an e-mail or provide the URL of the document. Google Docs does support new document creation through e-mail via the old Writely functionality, so that might work. It would depend on the document creation: if it’s no easier to use Glide OS Mobile, I can just use the native mail application for the same purpose. My gut says that the Glide OS Mobile approach might work a tad better since it’s web-based and Mobile Safari supports landscape mode making for a bigger keyboard.