HD Video Startup Vusion Gets Funding From BlueRun; Launches


Vusion, a San Jose, CA-based online video tech startup, has received an undisclosed amount of first round funding from BlueRun Ventures and some additional unnamed investors. The company provides HD-quality streaming, and the core technology was developed by the founder/CTO Aaron Crayford, who was doing research on advanced distributed computing at the Super Computer Laboratory in San Diego, the company says. The company is led by Elie Habib who was previously an SVP at Nokia.

It will compete in a crowded marketplace with competitors such as Move Networks, Brightcove and others promising high quality video streaming. As for the first customer of Vusion, Island Def Jam Music Group will use it for its artists’ videos…examples of it here.



Or you could embed HD videos that you can host on Youtube for free and save yourself and your company the trouble of dealing with unproven/recycled technology.


Hasn't Azureus/Vuze already doing this for a year or so? Didn't Akimbo go out of business recently trying to provide the same service? I honestly don't how Vusion is ANY different. It's a terribly crowded space and consumers aren't paying for this slop anyway.

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