Times: Looks Aren't Everything

ScreenshotThere’s a new desktop RSS reader in town for the Mac crowd: Times, from Acrylic Software. Like many OS X apps, it concentrates on looking pretty. Your RSS feeds are presented as a newspaper with sections, rather than in an interface resembling an e-mail application. The typesetting is lovely, and the program automatically pulls pictures to place alongside stories. The layout is quite sexy, and when you click a headline, the front page folds down in an animated fashion to show you the details.

Unfortunately, this eye candy comes at a cost: the program is somewhat slow to display story details, and there’s no way to get an overview of everything that’s new in your feeds at one time. Those who – like many web workers – power through hundreds of feeds a day will do better to stick with a more compact, if less sexy, reader. Times is worth looking at, though, if you’re trying to gently introduce someone new to a few RSS feeds.


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