Lenovo IdeaPad U110 in da house- sexy factor off the meter!


I’ve only had it in my hands for just a few minutes but let me tell you, the Lenovo IdeaPad U110 is the sexiest notebook I’ve played with by far.  It is almost as light and thin as the latest model by that fruit company but far smaller overall due to its 11.1-inch screen running at a cool 1366×768 resolution.  I won’t get into much detail here but I had to share some photos of this very attractive notebook.  This unit has a Core 2 Duo processor running at 1.6 GHz, 2 GB of memory, a 5-in-1 card reader, ExpressCard slot, VeriFace face recognition login, web cam, Bluetooth, WiFi, two batteries (4 and 7 cells), external DVD drive, 3 USB 2.0 ports, firewire, Dolby sound system, whew!  That’s a lot in such a small package.  How small?  275 x 196 x 22.4 mm weighing in at 2.42 – 2.92 lbs depending on the battery attached.  Here’s the promised pics until later:


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Kevin C. Tofel

Mike, don’t forget that while the device is comparable in size and weight to the HP Mini, it’s much more powerful and expensive. About 2.5x the price of the most expensive HP Mini.

James Kendrick

Much thinner, lighter. First impressions coming soon. 7-cell battery doesn’t stick out much at all, hard to tell it’s the bigger battery.

Mike Cane

That last pic I requested is REALLY needed. I just checked the spec list I did:

hp Mini Note (2133)
10.04″ x 6.5″ x 1.05″ – 2.8 lbs

Lenovo U110
10.8″ x 7.7″ x 0.72″-0.88″ – 2.4 lbs

So WTF?! It’s THINNER (height-wise) than the Mini? And length is just about the same?!!?

And it’s also LIGHTER?!

Mike Cane

What? It’s the frikkin next day and you don’t have a VIDEO up YET?!!? Slacker! I want to see how that 7-cell battery fits in there. Props up or sticks out the back?

And you need a pic with both units CLOSED and the Mini ON TOP of the LRRHC, to show relative lengths!

Mark Schneider

The HP looks even more impressive. Unlike the eeepc the keyboard looks usable.
Great site bu the way I just started subscribing to the feed!

Mike Cane


And you have the RED one too!! What I call the Little Red Riding Hood computer! The one I am crazily lusting after!!

Well, I’ve already checked and J&R will soon have this one in, so I can fondle it — AND the hp Mini’s coming too! — til I have fingergasms!!

And you *would* post this today, when I’m going out(!!) to see Iron Man!


Keep in mind the U110 has a Low Voltage 1.6ghz processor vs Ultra Low Voltage 1.06-1.33ghz processor in the TZ. The larger space of the LV processor must mean Lenovo had to take out the DVD drive.

I got to compare the Asus U2E (another 11.1″ notebook) and TZ together.

All three notebooks have LED backlit 11.1″ WXGA screens so I thought they’d look the same but no. The TZ handily beat the U2E in screen quality, in brightness and color vividness.

Wonder how the U110’s screen compares against the TZ, the TZ has one of the best screens I’ve ever seen (I own one myself)

Jamie Poster

I’ve been jealous of you before but this time you’ve gone too far. This is _killing_ me. Ever since CES I’ve been focused on this one particular device and now you have it! Mine isn’t coming for 2-3 weeks!!!!
In the meantime, I’d love to hear a report about the sound and video experience overall.

James Kendrick

The red finish is very nice. It is satin by way of a faint embossed graphic that is very tastefully done. I have looked at the Sony TZ but it’s way too expensive for my budget.

I will be covering the U110 extensively and will have lots of photos of the extended battery. I can tell you it only raises the unit about 1/2″ and is so well designed it doesn’t even look like an extended battery is installed. I’m seeing about 5 hours with it in use.


If you think that notebook is sexy, wait until you get your hands on the Sony TZ series. Same size but has a built in optical drive.


Nice notebook…

That red/black combo looks much better than the black glossy one I have seen pictures of. Is it a Satin finish, or is that the way the pictures came out?

I really can’t stand the look of the all-glossy keyboard and trackpad like on the black U110 and the new Toshiba series. Even many consumer electronics in general, too shiny makes them fingerprint and scratch magnets.

Another nitpick – was that slogan underneath the Lenovo logo really necessary? Seems kinda goofy…

Ricky B.

Hey, no fair! I just got a Mini-Note.

That tiny power adapter is the most impressive part of the photos for me.

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