Service Serves Those Who Need Temporary Mobile Internet


Typically, there are two ways of getting online when you are traveling: either rely upon Wi-Fi hotspots where you can find them, or pay for a mobile broadband cellular card.  However, mobile broadband cards are very expensive when you do a pay-as-you go plan.  With these pay-as-you-go options, you pay based on the amount of kilobits you use, which can add up very quickly, causing your pocketbook to become rather thin.

logoA new option has emerged called RovAir.  This service provides users mobile aircards, data cards, and EV-DO card without an extended contract or service agreement.  RovAir has cards from AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon Wireless available.  Simply rent the mobile broadband card by the day when you need it.  The costs start at $5.95 per day with a three day minimum.

Note: Be sure to research the area you’re traveling to.  For example, some metropolitan areas are better served by AT&T where others might have broader network access with Verizon Wireless.  Look at each service provider’s coverage map for more information.

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