Rovair offers 3G by the day, no long-term commitment

LogoOn paper, Rovair’s pitch sounds pretty good. The company procures 3G modems with contracts and then doles them out to individuals that want connectivity for a short term but don’t want the typical two-year plan commitment. Rovair offers 3G for as little as $5.95 per day, which is a reasonable price when compared to a WiFi day pass, for example.Unfortunately, that $6 daily price is for a 30-day period: if you do the math, that means $180 for a month of 3G without any additional commitments. I priced a four-day rental to see what it would be and Rovair would charge me $14.95 per day, for a total of $59.80. Adding in another $29.90 for shipping brings the total to nearly $90. While I like the idea, I can’t see it working well unless Rovair offered pickup kiosks for the devices; the shipping costs alone really hit the wallet. Still, it’s another option for those needing full-time connectivity for a trip.(via Web Worker Daily)


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