OQO hacked to the Mac


There is an endless fascination with hacking all sorts of non-Apple hardware to run the Mac operating system, Kevin was not immune to that and enjoyed running OS X on his Samsung Q1.  Recently a video surfaced showing an OQO that apparently has OS X (Leopard) running making the smallest Mac ever.  It is cool to watch although there are several things that bother me about this installation.  First of all I am not aware of anyone else who has gotten OS X installed and working on the Via processor.  The OQO in the video certainly has the Via processor so there is a lot of confusion as to how this individual got OS X to even work on the Via.  Second, the video is incredibly blurry and it seems to me that for something so "first" a greater attempt would have been made to at least show the results more clearly.  Thirdly, recording the video in a location without connectivity seems a bit convenient to preclude showing how the little Hackintosh works with the web.  Fourth, the OQO has a Wacom digitizer which OS X supports natively and it would have been cool to see interaction with the UI by pen, something that hasn’t been done before outside of the ModBook.  And lastly, I would have preferred to see the hacker showing more OS X applications running and not just the finder and iCal.  Maybe get iPhoto running or something else to prove that OS X works fully on the OQO.  It is definitely cool to see OS X running on a handheld though and we’ve been as vocal as many in calling for Apple to make one.  Have a look at the video and see what you think.




Hats off to creative geeks but even if it ran MAC OS perfectly it would still not sell to the mainstream. You forget any full desktop OS Windows or Mac is made for real computing software not a phone. Thus most would agree that a touch type keyboard is needed. To me that is why even OQO has very small sales. You can keep changing internals and change OS but until you change the real flaw of a thumb keyboard it will remain a low popularity, low selling geek toy.


Whats with the hairdryer noise in the background?!

Real or unreal, it was very slow – just even for the icons to appear…..have to be some BIG tweaks to sort the speed out.

Sounds great, but needs to be speedy. Im sure apple are beavering away there, what other company at the moment as customers demanding poduct off them like this one.


Dave P is correct, they used the AMD hacked Kalyway installer. This could allow it to be installed on the HP Mini.

I used the Kalyway disc to install on my Fujitsu P1620, and dual boot between XP and OS X. It requires some patience and tweaks to get everything working but once you do it’s awesome. Even my touch screen works (minus some calibration issues that I have not sorted out yet). Also installed it on a P1610.

If anyone’s interested in doing this let me know and I can work on a how-to detail that could be posted here and/or insanelymac.com

Dave P

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As I understand it the man who made it happen used an AMD Kalyway installer. At the time of the YouTube video he had not yet tried to get WWAN working. He has said he would try to post detailed information next week.


Just to amplify Chooey’s comments, apparently 30 or 40 folks from the OQO staff saw the demonstration and played with the device. Many of them are former Apple employees/engineers. I’ll mark this one as true, and even be willing to throw down for another 02 (and a copy of the OS :) to try the hack, once it’s posted.


It’s definitely real. Dennis Moore has seen it himself when the owner drove to San Francisco to OQO HQ. You might want to request another video if you’re interested in seeing those features. It might be a while though, since everyone at OQOTalk are begging for a how-to guide first.

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