OQO hacked to the Mac

There is an endless fascination with hacking all sorts of non-Apple hardware to run the Mac operating system, Kevin was not immune to that and enjoyed running OS X on his Samsung Q1.  Recently a video surfaced showing an OQO that apparently has OS X (Leopard) running making the smallest Mac ever.  It is cool to watch although there are several things that bother me about this installation.  First of all I am not aware of anyone else who has gotten OS X installed and working on the Via processor.  The OQO in the video certainly has the Via processor so there is a lot of confusion as to how this individual got OS X to even work on the Via.  Second, the video is incredibly blurry and it seems to me that for something so "first" a greater attempt would have been made to at least show the results more clearly.  Thirdly, recording the video in a location without connectivity seems a bit convenient to preclude showing how the little Hackintosh works with the web.  Fourth, the OQO has a Wacom digitizer which OS X supports natively and it would have been cool to see interaction with the UI by pen, something that hasn’t been done before outside of the ModBook.  And lastly, I would have preferred to see the hacker showing more OS X applications running and not just the finder and iCal.  Maybe get iPhoto running or something else to prove that OS X works fully on the OQO.  It is definitely cool to see OS X running on a handheld though and we’ve been as vocal as many in calling for Apple to make one.  Have a look at the video and see what you think.



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