Fujitsu adds integrated HSUPA to U810, T2010


Fujitsuu810Fujitsu just dropped an integrated 3G radio into both a UMPC and Lifebook Tablet PC for speedy connectivity on AT&T’s network. Both the U810 UMPC and the Lifebook T2010 tablet get the option, with MSRPs at $999 and $1,499 respectively. (Note: the 3G option adds $200 to both devices; thanks Dan!) The HSUPA radio will fall back to EDGE or GPRS as needed and should get you speeds around 1.4 Mbps down and 500- to 800 kbps back up when in a coverage area.Many folks swear by integrated radios for their WWAN connectivity, but I’m still sold on a USB solution like my USB 727. The definite downside is having a USB device sticking out of my computer or UMPC, but the advantage of having a 3G solution for every computer I own far outweighs the negative for me. If you’re a single-device owner that doesn’t change devices more than every 18 to 24 months, integrated 3G might be the better solution.


Jon M

I have to agree with you Kevin. Integrated WWAN does not seem practical to me, especially if you use multiple machines like I do. I switch my Sprint u595 between my Samsung Q1 and Fujitsu U810 all the time. Besides the added wideness, the HSDPA antennae makes the U810 look awkward and Dumbo-like.

Kevin C. Tofel

Good catch Dan; the press release didn’t cover the price of the radio. I’ll update the post. It’s funny how 3G phones are often subsidized due to the typical 2-year data plan commitment, but devices often aren’t. For the 2-year commitment that this option would add, I think AT&T should pick up the tab for the $200. ;)


Hey Kevin-
The $999 MSRP might be a little misleading for people since that is WITHOUT the $200 additional charge for the 3G radio. As far as I can tell from the site the least expensive otion WITH 3G is $1199.

I’m with you, though, the usb modem ay be a bit less convenient but it is a whole lot more flexible.

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