Updated: Akimbo Layoffs

Rumors hit the web yesterday that Akimbo laid off nearly all of its staff, save for the executives. A spokesperson for the company has confirmed that there were layoffs, but could not provide specific numbers. The rep did say that the layoffs were focused on legacy aspects of the business like content aggregation, and that currently, additional dismissals weren’t expected to be made.

UPDATE: Akimbo laid off approximately 10 people from content operations, QA engineering and admin. We’re also told that the CTO has brought in a new team, so a few folks have been hired over the last couple of weeks and the staff headcount is now at 20 people. The layoffs were said to be reflective of the company’s shift in focus.

Akimbo recently changed course to become a white-label video provider — the last resort for companies with failed video business plans.

Given the company’s revolving-door business model (set-top box maker, content services, now white-label video) and its former CEO leaving to become a VC, Akimbo layoffs don’t come as a big surprise. The company raised $4 million earlier this year, bringing its total funding to $47 million.

We’ve pinged Akimbo’s CEO Thomas Frank for more details, and will update the story as we get them.