Amanda Congdon Returns to Web Video

Amanda Congdon, famous for hosting pioneering video show Rocketboom and then famous for making a big fuss about leaving Rocketboom, is coming back to online video on her own terms. She’s posted a teaser for what looks to be a new ensemble comedy show, Sometimesdaily.

Introducing Sometimesdaily from Sometimesdaily on Vimeo.

What has Congdon been doing in the last couple years? She made a splash by joining ABC News, but only stayed (or was asked to stay) a year. Since then, Congdon’s web video making, even on her own videoblog, petered out. Her last post was a full six months ago.

Sometimesdaily describes itself as “an off-beat, interactive variety show exploring life’s themes through the inquisitive eyes of Amanda Congdon.”

So what do you think?


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