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Zapak Targets BRIC Countries; Jump In Talks For F1 Deal

We’ve heard often about Zapak Digital Entertainment, the online gaming company from the Reliance ADA Group, planning to launch a China site; the doors to China may have been opened a little after Zapaks deal with Shanda (NSDQ: SNDA) for content (for the MMOG Crazy Kart) got significant media coverage internationally. Now the Financial Express reports that Zapak’s interests lie beyond China – in the four growth economies of the world called the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries. Zapak is in talks for a JV for local language portals in Brazil, China and Russia. No local language games for India?

Six months is the time that Rajesh Sawhney, President of Reliance BIG Entertainment (interesting acronym: RBEL) says it will take for the joint ventures to be set up. Meanwhile, Jump Games, RBELs mobile gaming company is in talks with Formula One teams for racing games.

2 Responses to “Zapak Targets BRIC Countries; Jump In Talks For F1 Deal”

  1. Zapak does have Indian-centric games on their site. and since our country is diverse in languages, you cant expect it to have games according to region. Is it not enough that our politicians are wedging a divide based on region, that something as pleasurable as gaming should do the same?