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Microsoft Ready For Hostile Bid; Announcement Could Come Tomorrow

Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) is now leaning towards a hostile bid to take over Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO), and the announcement may come tomorrow morning, WSJ reports, citing sources. But the situation is still fluid and could change. Earlier today MSFT CEO Steve Ballmer was also making a case of backing out of the bid, if the need comes.

4 Responses to “Microsoft Ready For Hostile Bid; Announcement Could Come Tomorrow”

  1. vatasescu lenuta

    eu sunt handicapat da .eu am lupta cauza mirocosoft -ready-for-hostile-bid .pentru sata stie tot este perfect si facebook, google inc, yahoo inc, mirocosft, merger, hostile takeover bid, brekshire hathaway inc si altele

  2. Pocketts

    Hey Dancer, you almost have it right on. I would use some other adgitives though for individual. But as this will be seen by thousands, I'll hold those thoughts. In agureement with you, he will fall some day, these types allways do. Getting too gready like the unions of this country. Like you said, Time is of the essance. "Pocketts"

  3. Dancer

    Kind of reminds me of some group of war monger individuals that wants to take over the world. I beleave his name was Hitler and his gang of butt-wipes. They finally got to big for their britches too and crashed and burned. The grass for them wasn't nesserally greener for those folks on the other side of the hill either. The bigger they are the harder they fall. Time is the factor here. "D"