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EconSM Video: Keynote Q&A: Steve Wadsworth, President, Walt Disney Internet Group

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On Tuesday we had our second Economics of Social Media conference and, as promised, we’ll be posting videos here of all the sessions. Below, our Keynote Q&A with Steve Wadsworth, president of Walt Disney Internet Group (NYSE: DIS), interviewed by Kara Swisher of AllThingsD. Aside from admitting to Disney’s early internet failings during the last boom, Wadsworth touched on the importance of focusing on creating content with mass appeal in mind and the frustration with online advertising — when it comes to audience measurements, it’s a case of quantity over quality. He also nimbly evaded questions about the possibility of Disney buying Webkinz. Watch the full interview for more (the writeup of the interview is here). (RSS readers will have to click through to watch the video)

3 Responses to “EconSM Video: Keynote Q&A: Steve Wadsworth, President, Walt Disney Internet Group”

  1. Walt Disney is dead. Can I use Mickey Mouse without being sued? No. Copyright law is often called "Mickey Mouse Law" because they keep extending the copyright term every time Mickey comes close to becoming Public Domain.

    Mickey Mouse was a "rip off" of Steamboat Wille.

    The entire Disney Corp. is avoiding the issue of authorship, "work for hire", UGC, corporate personhood, etc.

    Let me know when you want to deal with the tough issues, I will continue to ignore Disney Corp until such time.

    Respectfully yours,
    Richard Walker