ZeeVee’s Box Brings the PC to TeeVee


Connecting your computer to your nice HD TV screen can get kludgy fast. A company called ZeeVee has an interesting solution that uses the existing cable wiring in your home to display what’s on your PC on an empty channel on your TV dial. Instead of requiring an additional receiver, it uses the HD tuner in your TV. No new-fangled wireless HD or old-fangled screen-scraping required.

You need a ZvBox and remote receiver, which you’ll be able to buy for $499. Connect them both to your (Windows-only for now) computer, and you can then control your PC wirelessly and play your iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, Joost, BitTorrent content — whatever you can access from your PC — on any TV in your home. Except instead of being hunched over, you can sit back and relax and watch it basically projected onto your high-definition screens.

The way-too-expensive-for-my-taste gadget will initially be available exclusively from Amazon (though I can’t find a pre-order page just yet), and will start shipping in June.

Three-year-old ZeeVee was put together by VCs Andy Marcuvitz (formerly of Matrix Partners) and Paul Levy (JLL Partners), along with Vic Odryna, former CEO of Inceptor, which was recently bought by Verizon.

The Littleton, Mass.-based company has raised two rounds of an undisclosed amount from Alpond Capital and JLL Ventures. It wouldn’t disclose how many employees it has, but says it has outsourced production, design and distribution so it can focus on engineering.

See also: Sezmi, the new set-top box Chris wrote about last night.



Not only is it too expensive, but who wants to hassle with another box? I don’t have a flatscreen but from what I’ve heard, they already have hookups for your PC. All you need is a cable. Sit tight another few years and new laptops will have built-in wireless PC-to-TV functions.

I’ll be rolling out a new website in a few weeks that will let you watch all kinds of great internet television stations. Best yet, you can easily “channel surf” with SnapStream’s Firefly wireless (RF( remote control ($49.99).

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