Vid-Biz: Adobe, YouTube, BBC

Adobe Kicks Off Open Screen Project; initiative aims to make using Flash and AIR consistent across PCs, TVs and mobile. (Adobe)

New Beta YouTube Player; features slimmer control panel with fewer buttons and smaller time counter. Check it out here (click on the “YouTube Player Beta” link underneath. (Thanks, Martin!)

BBC iPlayer Now on Virgin Media; the free service moves from the web to the TV for Virgin’s 3.5 million subscribers. (Variety)

Sales of Blu-Ray Players Drop; standalone player sales fell 40 percent from January to February as cheaper, upconverting DVD players gain popularity. (Bits Blog)

Sweeps Moving to March Next Year; shift is meant to avoid any potential disruptions from the DTV switch. (Broadcasting and Cable)

InStyle to Create Weekly Web Series in Q4; magazine saw initial success with test program in March; new series to be a “what’s hot this week” in celeb news and fashion. (MediaWeek)

CCTVs Used to Make Films; artists acting out scripts in front of surveillance cameras and plucking the wireless transmissions to create movies. (P2Pnet)