Targus Bluetooth Laser mouse: lightweight, dual-resolution and rechargeable batteries

32750Surely you can carry another two ounces of gear, right? That’s all the Targus Bluetooth Laser mouse would add to your burden. TabletPCReview’s Jerry Jackson gave this wireless rodent a full review and it appears to have come away a winner. You can switch the laser mouse from 800- to 1600-dpi in just a few seconds for improved accuracy and Targus includes two AAA rechargeable batteries. Jerry used the mouse for a full three weeks during his review and the mouse hasn’t died yet. When he needs to, he can just use the included USB cable to recharge from a notebook.Targus kept the design simple: just two buttons and middle scroll-wheel, which can be used as a third button. The only major annoyance seems to be the power saving functionality. After just a few minutes of inactivity, there was a noticeable lag before the mouse woke up from its nap. Still, at an MSRP of of $70 and online pricing in the $40 to $50 range, this looks like a decent peripheral for mobile devices with integrated Bluetooth.


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