Pocketables walks through the Origami Experience 2.0



Just as I downloaded and installed a pre-release copy, Jenn offers up a spectacularly detailed overview of the new OE 2.0 software. She covers the three main applications: Origami Central, Origami Now and the Touch Settings. Jenn details the functionality of each part so you can get an excellent feel of what will be offered when the software becomes available.My limited use has shown me that while the entire interface is very well optimized for touch, it can sometimes be non-intuitive. I had the devil of a time finding out how to actually close the app and it took me a while to figure out how to configure a tile for something simple, like my local weather. I’ll give you an advance hint now: if you want to change the settings of a tile, make sure you’re in that tile. Then, edit the settings of the Main Tile (which is the one you’re currently viewing. I was looking in the main Settings area and found nothing there for tile configuration.One commenter yesterday asked why you’d want to use the browser in Origami Experience in lieu of the main browser itself. I can see why you might want to, but this will be a personal preference: the browser in OE 2 was a bit easier to navigate in from the get-go: more kinetic or inertial scrolling, bigger controls and large visual tiles of your browsing history, making it easier to tap one to hit a website. Again, personal preference will prevail.



I guess one needs to actually use OE2 to understand why it is a “good thing”. Just reading about it “doesn’t compute” for me.


Do you think you could get James to try installing it on his P1620? It’d be awesome if it did work!

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