Introducing GigaPuppy


Meet the newest member of GigaTEAM. He is hip, he is cool, he is always in black…And he is learning blogging fast. Well, he is not the official company puppy, since Liz took him in earlier this week, but we are informally adopting him.

He doesn’t have a name yet: Liz is working on it. It’s just like her reporting — she believes in doing complete and thorough research. I suggested Le Bon (as in Duran Duran’s lead singer, Simon Le Bon) but that got shot down. I think GigaPapi is a pretty cool name :-)

Anyway you will see him crop up in our company photos often enough, so I thought you better get to know him. I spent the entire day explaining to him the intricacies of blogging. He is a quick study, but all that staring at the screen got him tired. So he went to sleep. So now you know why I didn’t blog the whole day yesterday– I think that is a forgivable excuse.



i’d like to see this dog take out those annoying calacanis dogs – that would rock :)


It’s a chug!!!!

We’ve got one that’s the spitting image of yours.

Ours barks at cartoons and animals on TV :)

Daily Paws

Thanks, Lori.

Other name ideas…. Byte… Schwag… Arrington (just kidding – I know this isn’t Valleywag. Whoops! Who else to offend…)

Constance Reader

I vote for Blackr!

I’ve kept this tab open all day. Between GigaPuppy photos and the photos of my Productio Cat Absurdam on the cube wall, it’s been a very mellow day.


Daily Paws would be a good spot for GigaPup’s profile. Dogphoria is another fun spot as well. Dogster would be my last choice, despite its popularity.


Beauty-ful. Post him to Daily Paws, then use our widgets to put a slide show of him on GigaOm. He’ll get more votes than Mugabe this way…

Jackson West

I hope I get to meet the little guy this evening. Me, I’m currently trying to decide on who will be the new Valleycat from the Pets Unlimited resuce shelter.


Too cute!

I’ve always maintained that all companies should have a pet. Like the TopGear dog, and now GigaPuppy!

Cynthia Brumfield

Om, you’ve figured out another way to generate traffic. A puppy! In fact I just looked at these pictures several times (and might be tempted during times of stress to look at them again). Who can resist coming back?

Cynthia B.

Adam Benayoun

he is VERY cute ;)
I’m waiting for the launch of a new blog called “Gigapets” where you’ll bring us news about these little adoring animals :)


Duran Duran leadsinger?
C’mon, this little boy deserves better than that ;o)

Om Malik

@ Natali

I agree. I wanted to get one for me, but my apartment building wouldn’t allow. So Liz got one, and believe me this little beauty is going to be keeping me company all the time. :-)

Natali Del Conte

So cute! Now you have another reason to follow your doctor’s orders and get some exercise by walking GigaPuppy. Also, did you know that dog owners statistically are shown to live longer? He’s good for your health!


Cute!!! How old?
Give him a sophisticated, international name. Or something simple like Burt :-)

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