Google TV Ads: Hookers and Candidates Need Not Apply


After almost a year of private testing, Google TV Ads is now open to (almost) all U.S. advertisers. The idea behind Google TV Ads is to make the TV ad-buying process so simple that any small biz (with enough money) can do it. Just upload your commercial, select your budget and where you’d like it to run, and presto! Your ad is on TV.

Well, on DISH Network TV, anyway. That’s the only service that’s given the go-ahead to Google (cable companies are perfecting their own Project Canoe).

Don’t have a commercial? No problem. Visit the Google Ad Creation Marketplace and get hooked up with writers, editors and even voice-over talent that can bid on creating your ad. The create-your-own TV spot for small businesses space is getting crowded; check out Liz’s roundup of players.

But before any yokel with a video camera and a scheme decides they’re gonna get on the TV, there are some restrictions to the service. From the Google Editorial Guidelines:

Like all Google ads, your TV ad and the business it advertises must conform to our Content Policy. In addition, video ads may not contain the following:

  1. Political election or political fundraising ads
  2. No adult sexual content (including but not limited to sexual activity, sexual merchandise and dating services, and crude or indecent language).

Test-taking services, weapons and “miracle cures” are also no-nos, according to the editorial policy.

So John McCain and Ashley Dupre’s former employer won’t be using the service (maybe McCain can use SaysMe), but there are a bunch of TV wannabes out there. If you are using or plan on using Google TV Ads, let us know how it works for you.



I am so tired of paying for cable and dish when all they bring is infomertials. Bintube brings me TV a la carte. Thanks guys keep up the good work..

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