Celio REDFLY available for pre-order


Celio_redfly_mobile_companion_and_pIf our video review of the Celio REDFLY mobile companion got your wallet all itchy, you can pull the trigger on a pre-order now. The cost is still the same $499 that we were told and the pre-orders are geared towards the target audience, which are enterprise users. Celio will contact you after you submit your pre-order, so they can verify the intended sale and go over the list of supported Windows Mobile phones. Again, this is more of an enterprise device, but that didn’t stop Matt Miller from a pre-order. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about this purchase decision from Matt in our next podcast.


Dale Lane

“Celio will contact you after you submit your pre-order”

Do you know how long this should take?

We submitted a pre-order over a week ago and havent heard anything yet.

Is this normal?

Mike Cane

>>>HTC Advantage for $1100

Which model is that?! I saw that at J&R for $869. Are you including some sort of data plan in that price or did I see a different model at J&R?


Is this what they did with all of the Foleo motherboards that Palm canceled?


Hmmm, Celio REDFLY for $500 + subsidized Pocket PC phone, maybe using a CDMA carrier vs. HTC Advantage for $1100, only using AT&T?

The choice is easy.

Mike Cane

WTF? He says the keyboard is the SAME SIZE AS THE ASUS EEEPC?!

Bugger that!

I can’t type for crap on that!

Good luck with the hand cramping!


Will he actually allow this one to be shipped to him?

Or is this another impulse that he’ll rethink before the card is charged?

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