Windows Mobile app controls home automation systems


MainscreenThere’s no doubt in my mind that our planned retirement home in the Poconos will be wired up the wahoo for home automation. Since it’s 100 miles away from our current home, I’ll want to monitor and see everything that goes on up there. [Personal note to our kids: whatever you were planning to do up there when I’m not around… don’t.] Home Automation, Inc. is one of my favorite sites to lust after remote controls, interfaces and switches and today they announced a handy bit of Windows Mobile software.With their new Snap-Link Mobile application on a Windows Mobile 5.0 or better phone, you can monitor and control all of the items in your home automation setup: lights, security, audio, thermostats, webcams and more. [That’s right kids: WEBCAMS. Hence the above personal note]. You’ll need an Ethernet-enabled controller, like the Omni or Luna that HAI offers, and there are no subscription fees for the software.

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