Web browsing in the new Origami Experience 2.0


Earlier this week, I mentioned an upcoming four-part series on Origami Experience 2.0 and the first installment is available. Today, Brandon shows off the web browsing functionality built directly into OE 2.0. Without leaving Origami Central, you can view the web in an IE7-like browser that offers some extra bells and whistles. You’ll notice that this browser version is a little more touch-friendly for navigation and includes RSS subscriptions as well as web page snapshots. I like how the History from the URL Address bar shows previously viewed sites as tiles for simple choosing.The Origami Project site indicates that the software will be available soon, so this four-parter may coincide with an official Origami Experience launch for UMPC owners. Stay tuned!Update: As an MVP, I just got a pre-release version through Microsoft. I’m not able to share the actual file, but I’ll take a look-see to find out what might be different from the earlier beta I used last year.


Lorie Ghamy

An take a look at Neokeys Launcher…

A new way to interact with Web Browser. A beta and video demos are available here


In a few time tested on JKOntherun or Gottabemobile….


@Travis: no, Origami is not IN a browser. There is, however, a browser IN Origami.


Hi Kevin.
Curious to get your input whether you see any benefit from running OE on a tablet PC?

Browsing in IE7 with a touch screen is not exactly ideal.


What is the point? Origami in a browser? Why not just use a browser?


Not a bad video. I’m just waiting for the next few clips showing GPS, and music integration.

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