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Skype 3.8 for Windows drops beta tag, profile images in requests


The beta of Skype 3.8 for Windows lasted for about a month because the newest version dropped the beta tag yesterday. Most changes are under the hood, but one that’s notably visible (or invisible, depending on how you view it) is the removal of profile images for Skype authorization requests. Apparently, some folks were using offensive images, so your potential new friends on Skype won’t see your mug or avatar on an authorization request.The folks at Skype indicate that most of the improvements in this version are on the audio side: less background noise, delays and cut-offs. The UPnP implementation that Skype developed in-house is in there too… no more relying on Microsoft’s UPnP framework. All of the ongoing improvements keep Skype on all of my mobile devices; over the past three years, it’s gone from fun novelty to an everyday staple of my workday.