Iceberg for Custom Web Apps Without Coding


img iceberg[digg=]Here at Web Worker Daily, we’re all about helping you find the applications that you need to be productive or run your business. But what if the existing solutions just don’t work for you, or don’t even exist?

You could have it custom programmed or even develop it yourself but that takes coding skills, as well as a considerable investment of time and money. Imagine if there was a free tool you could use to visually draw out your business process and an application would automatically be created to manage it – no coding required.

That’s the premise behind the newly released Iceberg 2 Development Platform from the folks at Dublin based Iceberg.

Iceberg has been on the WWD radar for a while now, and why not – a web based platform for building and distributing applications is right up our alley.

Iceberg provides a drag and drop form builder which makes creating your data entry points simple and the workflow and process generation tool (pictured below) uses a visual flowchart like interface to create decision trees and other action and event triggers automatically.

img iceberg process

I’ve had a couple of hours of hands on time with Iceberg and it really is remarkably easy to put together a functional application in a very short period of time. Iceberg has built in modules for calendaring, reporting, email integration, file management and more to tap into which really streamlines development.

While it is true that there is no visible code, some familiarity with programming concepts is required, or at least very helpful. As easy as the visual process editor is to use, it still helps to understand how pieces fit together and how data flows through your app. The online help is good and the video tutorials are plentiful and they give you a good overview of how Iceberg works. Developers will pick it up easily, others may need a bit of ramp-up time to learn how to create an application.

This video shows a vacation application being built in Iceberg. It’s sped up but the real time development time was about an hour.

An Iceberg app can work independently or they can be linked together for greater interaction. Soon users will be able to submit their own creations to the Application Directory / Exchange to share or sell. I am eager to see what folks come up with.

As exciting as all this is, what really appeals to me as a Web Worker is how Iceberg can interact with other applications using web services. Use Iceberg as an intermediary between your CRM and your billing for example. Let it mash together your data, create additional processes, generate reports, email results – the possibilities are endless.

Iceberg is a downloadable web based platform that installs on a Windows machine for development or on an IIS server for deployment. In an age where ‘Software as a Service’ is becoming the new standard, it is interesting to see this being released as stand alone software. A hosted solution is apparently in the works.

Iceberg is a free download for the first 5 users with a $200 per user add-on charge above that which makes it quite affordable for small team use. It’s also available for free for non-profit use.

Is there a place for DIY application development? Could Iceberg be the platform for your next Enterprise App?



Is this product not Mac-compatible? I tried to download the Iceberg software, but it’s an EXE file. Is this the only way I can use Iceberg? If so, then why doesn’t your site say this product is not for Mac?

Wayne Byrne

Hi Farfield,

Thats right, in order to make a real difference in the way people think about software Iceberg is totally free to anyone looking to use it for teaching or any non-profit organization.


Wow, that seems like a really powerful tool. It seems like a great tool for building apps for educational environments too!


This seems to be interesting, but having to host it turns me down a little. Right now I use Coghead for creating apps and I’m satisfied with it.

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