Get healthier with free video workouts on your iPod


Ipodworkoutmenshealth_2I doubt I can turn my 120-pound frame into an Ultimate Fighting Championship contender with this tip, but with the power of the iPod, you never know. Men’s Health is now offering video workout instructions freely available for downloading to your iPod. You’ll need to register for a free Men’s Health account online, but that’s the only stipulation. No iPod? No problem. Just download the .mp4 files and watch them on your computer.The instruction is pretty straightforward, showing you how to do each exercise and telling you how many reps and sets of each you should do. The video does the planning for you, so all you have to do is watch and execute. This might be a better workout for me than the current one: fifty curls with the iPhone a day. Maybe I’ll add the twisting lunge shown… although I’d probably replace the weight with a UMPC.



I checked them out, but there is another site that has been doing something very similar for a while now. They have over 500 exercise videos that are shared from members. You can create workout routines and download them to your iPod. Check them out too.

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