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YouTube To Launch India Site On May 7th

ContentSutra has learned from various sources that YouTube is planning to launch an India site on the 7th of May. Apparently, as with all things Google (NSDQ: GOOG), this has been a closely guarded secret, and we have contacted Google for an official comment. We’re trying to get more details, but from what we’ve heard, multiple content partners will be present at the launch.

Readers will remember that there had been reports of an India site from YouTube in October last year; following that, one of our readers had informed us that the company had bought the and domain for around Rs. 2.44 lakhs, as per India’s official domain registry. YouTube has been fighting a legal battle in the Indian courts against major music publisher T-Series for a while now, and I wonder how the launch of an India site will change things. More as we have it.

With the launch of YouTube India, what do you think will happen to the multiple YouTube clones in India –,, aapkavideo, videodubba, metubes, videochutney and dekhona?

14 Responses to “YouTube To Launch India Site On May 7th”

  1. "Youtube has already been in use extensively by indian users"

    YouTube continues to be same at India site too. Only orietation is different.
    All Feature Videos listed have Indian content – At main site, hardly any Feature Video is Indian
    If you search videos and channels, mainly Indian content videos/channels are listed.
    The users can use all features of their existing accounts, even when logged into Indian site. Except more palatable content, no change would be perceptible.

  2. ess ess

    Youtube has already been in use extensively by indian users………………..

    This launch has surprised these diehadrd fans…….. sothe launch amy help catch the eye of those still unaware…………………….. more 'dhuan ' and light effects realy………………

  3. Apart from and stated above is also parked there. The webpage appeared early morning. I was delited to find only indian videos listed as Feature Videos. Swati Kothari, Gautam, Shailesh, Sakeena – all together organised a grand show. Media queries were also answered comprehensively by Shailesh-Sakeena duo. What impressed me is the young age. All those on huge Google/YouTube posts can be called young guys and gals with no offence. Manager – International : I thought she is a college student.
    Congratulations to YouTube managent. I was acknowledged as first person to send felicitation SMS.

  4. "so, from your experience, it’s the restricted content that is driving the traffic"
    Exercising their liberty, so many people have trashed most videos with obscene offensinve comments. If that makes video itself (even religious) restricted, then hardly any videos are left open. I do not feel that explicit videos are driving traffic.

  5. Hi Ravi Venkatraman !
    If obscene language – sorry cannot give example – is to be excluded, page views would reduce to small fraction. You Tube should be requested to rip out the offending comments and not the videos.

  6. Nikhil Pahwa

    Hi Ravi,
    just saw moviesindia. noticed that the link to in the footer is, not . maybe you'd like to correct that.

    so, from your experience, it's the restricted content that is driving the traffic :) YouTube is partnering with content providers, so lets see how that goes.

  7. Nikil,

    In addition to to the YouTube clones you mentioned, there are thousands of India specific sites using youtube API, including ours.
    When used the older API, we had an avg of 15,000 page views a day.
    We now use the new api , which has an option to exclude restricted content as flagged by the community, our traffic has reduced to 500 page views a day.
    Google/YouTube has to be very careful about including the restricted contents, when they launch & .in

  8. Pawan Sahay

    Well as they say, it would be to target content producers, TV shows as well as amateur artists who want to gain exposure …ultimately its all ad dollars…monetization…

  9. Nikhil Pahwa

    chetan – if that's the case, then their servers will effectively come under India jurisdiction. that's not necessarily a good thing for them

  10. antispin

    Yeah, I agree with puchoo's take. It shouldn't change the status quo, especially since the status quo is the current Indian video consumer heading to YouTube anyway.

  11. i dont see how the launch of the Indian site is going to change anything , and this is something which i had mentioned on your last write up about this as well.

    There are enough 'indians's already surfing, uploading and downloading on you tube, how does an Indian specific site help out…