SlingPlayer Mobile clients get upgraded


Treo_500v_webThe latest and greatest SlingPlayer Mobile clients get a refresh today. Current license owners get the upgrades free-of-charge, while folks new to placeshifting content on a handheld will have to ante up the $30 license fee. Of course, you could try the 30-day free trial before dropping your coin as well.Windows Mobile goes to v1.6 while the nearly new Symbian S60 client bumps up to v1.1. Some new handsets are supported with these updates (the Nokia N95 8GB, Samsung i760 and Treo 500v come to mind) and there’s improvement in streaming video quality for some phones along with support for additional set-top boxes. Hit up the Sling Media downloads page to get your upgrade or free trial.


andrew beery

I just loaded this on my Sprint Touch and I’m blown away by how much better the video quality is… in a word… WOW!!!!!

Dave Zatz

GDI is now a fullscreen rendering option on all PPC devices, enabled by default on the Sprint Touch and Mogul. -DZ, Sling Media


Thanks for the head’s up on this. I put it on my Touch and there’s a new GDI rendering option which, presumably, bypasses Direct Draw. Finally, it’s usable on the Touch (and the Mogul, I’d assume) in full screen mode!

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