Projjex: A New Player in Project Management

LogoManaging projects in an internet based environment can be difficult.  We have options such as Basecamp from 37Signals, Zoho, and even an open source tool called There is a new player on the block called Projjex and it has some promising features.

The team behind Projjex set out to build a project management solution that was quick to set up, highly functional, and most of all: easy to use.

The service is aimed at small teams with its logical layout and responsive user interface.

For the project manager, a dashboard gives a central view into how the project is progressing with vital stats about tasks and milestones.  For everyone’s convenience, every facet of the project is housed on project’s home inside the Projjex website, meaning there is no client software to install.

add new projectStart by creating your project.  This is done by hitting “add new project”, entering in a project name, end date, start date, resources (people working on the project).  Optionally, you can  set resource billing rates, budget amount, work hours per week to produce detailed fiscal reports later.  If you already have a Basecamp or Microsoft Project file to import in, you can bring these files into Projjex as well.

Adding tasks and milestones is easy and straightforward.  After creation, you can even arrange your tasks with the ease of drag and drop.  One unique feature to Projjex is the ability to tag tasks.  Tagging is a very flexible and useful way of giving keywords to a task.  For example, you can apply the label of “Crucial” to very important tasks so team members will focus on those first.  Or, if you’re building a website, you can label tasks meant for the designers and developers respectively.

Documents can be attached to a project, task, milestone.  Items with a document attached will feature a paperclip icon to denote this.

The Dashboard is the one location that gives you the most crucial information about the health of your tasks and projects.  You can see upcoming items, status updates, overdue tasks, what’s due today, and other information.  The Projjex team has thought of the little things as well: each list has a print icon for easy printing.  Also, helpful (and actually useful) tips appear in the upper right of the screen. See a screenshot below:


A feature that is especially useful to small teams is the ability to have discussion groups right within a Projjex site.  With this feature, there is no need to have a separate web system in place to support comments and discussion threads.

Projjex is a well thought out project management utility for small teams.  It works as advertised when it comes to being easy to use and straightforward.  Security is well thought out, giving different users various access rights to items and groups.  You can mark items as read-only for sub-contractors or even mark items as personal so no one else can see them.

You can get started with Projjex for free, but you are limited to one project for up to one year.  Unlimited usage is $20/month.  Pricing details aren’t apparent on their site, but it appears you can have unlimited users on a project for clients and colleagues.


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