Microsoft releases SP3 for Windows XP. Will there be an SP4?

7960_xpStill running the venerable but stable XP version of Microsoft Windows? Starting today you can make a good system better with Service Pack 3. The 316 MB package is available for direct download if you know where to look. BetaNews has the URL if you want to get the service pack before the official unveiling: a quick check of Microsoft’s Windows XP page still highlights SP2. Don’t expect any major feature changes; instead, the service pack mostly offers up well over a thousand hotfixes.I realize that Microsoft is planning to stop selling Windows XP on June 30th (with exceptions for Ultra Low Cost PCs), but one has to wonder if this is the last service pack or not. My gut says that this is it as Microsoft hopes to migrate more and more PC users to Vista. Thoughts?Update: MS says “not so fast” and has held back SP3 from Windows Update due to a compatibility issue with Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System.(via DailyTech)


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