Lenovo U110 IdeaPad now available starting at $1,899


U_series_other_expressive_268x177It’s official: the Lenovo U110 IdeaPad is now available direct from the Lenovo site. A red one will currently get to you faster than a black one: 3 to 5 days vs. 2 to 3 weeks. Then again, a black U110 might be a smidge faster if the specs are correct: it apparently offers a 5400 RPM 120 GB drive instead of a 4200 RPM in the red base model. Might be a typo there.Both start at $1,899 which gets you:

  • 11.1-inch WXGA display
  • Intel L7500 Core 2 Duo at 1.6 GHz
  • Windows Vista Home Premium
  • 2 GB of RAM; adding another GB will cost you $100
  • Integrated DVD-Recordable optical drive
  • VeriFace facial recognition
  • 2 hours of runtime with the 4-cell battery, plus another 6 hours with the 7-cell battery. Looks like both are included.
  • Integrated WiFi, Bluetooth, 1.3-megapixel camera, ExpressCard slot, 6-in-1 media card reader and three USB ports

The U110 has a nice weight of 2.4-pounds with the standard battery and it’s less than an inch thick. I like the form factor for sure. Lenovo has definitely packed a bit o’ tech in a small, light package. When we saw the unit at CES, we really like the touch controls for media as well as the frameless display. Here’s the full set of specs in a PDF. Definitely a nice package that compares to Lenovo’s own X300, the MacBook Air and the Sony VAIO TZ-line.



The U110 web site just changed again: The black model does not include the 7-cell battery and both models use the same external optical drive (Super Multi-Burner).


Lenovo continues to update the U110 web site so it seems some of the specs are still being worked out. Based on current info the black model includes a 5400rpm HDD, 4-cell battery, 7-cell battery, AG wireless card, and external dual layer recordable DVD drive. The red model comes with a 4200rpm HDD, 4-cell battery, and external Super Multi-Burner drive (no 7-cell battery and no wireless card). The display is described as TFT LCD on the U110 order site, but the product datasheet states LED backlit.

Mike Cane

Oh man oh man, I know it’s in a whole different class. But, god, I’ve already nicknamed it the Little Red Riding Hood computer because of that sex-o-matic red lid with the Itchy&Scratchy engaving!

It calllllls to me.


The specs look good but the glossy display and keyboard are a big turn off. I’m looking forward to the 12.1″ Lenovo X200 and Dell E4200 later this year. Both computers feature sleek ultralight designs with next-generation technology (Montevina chipset, GMA X4500, DDR3-800 memory, etc).

Kevin C. Tofel

Price is on par with the devices it competes against. High when compared to the EeePC-like class of subnotebooks, but that’s a different class entirely in terms of performance. A review unit is a definitely possibility. More to follow…

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