Free Star Wars eBook for your Kindle, Reader or computer


BetrayalcoverOK, you’ll have to like Star Wars for this deal to be of any value, so if you don’t, stop reading now. Hmm… I feel in the Force that most of you are still with me. Go figure. Del Rey has a free eBook download of the first title in the “Legacy of the Force” series available until May 13th. That’s the day when then the ninth and final title in the series hits bookshelves, so if you get hooked on the first one, you’ll have eight more stories in the sequence.You can download an unprotected PDF of the book, an audio edition or a version for your Amazon Kindle or Sony Reader. Not a bad deal for those that haven’t strayed to the Dark Side. Also: a good use of eBooks as a marketing tool. I have the very bad habit of finishing practically every book series I start so you can bet Del Rey will get more sales out of me this way.(via MobileRead)



I got into my favorite author, John Ringo, because of the Baen Free Library. I think one of the reasons the ebook market hasn’t taken off is that most people into computers enough to like ebooks get theirs somewhat more… “cheaply.”


Ah, finally gave in and downloaded Sony Reader. Excellent marketing ploy. I’m a sucker for books.


Baen has been doing this for years now, and they do the right thing too – they sell the books unencrypted and not loaded down with DRM.

They call their e-book effort Webscriptions, at and they even offer advance copies for sale that way.

The free books are at and not coincidentally it’s often the first book in a series, in some cases several… but even so, lots of really great reading for free.

Of course free is relative… I’ve spent quite a bit of money buying the non free continuations. :)

Matthew Miller (aka palmsolo)

Thanks! Downloading now for my Sony Reader. With Josh Bancroft’s post on the Kindle and new store availability, I must resist going to the dark side (the Kindle) and must wait a few months to see if Amazon updates the device. I do like the Sony Reader form factor better (trying to convince myself publicly to not be swayed by the Whispernet force).


Oh ho ho, thank you for such an awesome info. My next couple of days will be ruined because of this book. I love it! =D

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