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SmartBike DC Is Like Pedal-Powered Zipcar: A new bicycle sharing program will allow DC residents to use a bike with the swipe of a card- NYTimes.

“How Carbon Heavy Is Your Email?”: While it might seem like common sense that email is more eco-friendly than snail mail, Sun Microsystems is working to quantifiably prove that. They’re measuring the footprints of mail servers, software clients, and individual devices – Business Green.

Russia Says No to Binding Emission Caps: Following America’s dubious lead, Russia has said it will not limit its energy production and will not agree to any binding caps on greenhouse gas emissions in the follow-up to the Kyoto Protocol – Forbes.

Greenwashing Claims Double in UK: The Advertising Standards Authority received more than 300 complaints of greenwashing in 2007 and censured a variety of advertisers for misleading environmental claims including oil, airline and car companies – Telegraph.

Boeing and Airbus Collaborate for Greener Skies: With the airline industry in upheaval and fuel prices climbing, the rival aerospace companies are working together to reduce the emissions of flight –

Financiers Innovating the Business of Solar: Solar financiers like Clean Power Finance are creating value and business models by treating solar panel sales like car leases – Green Tech Blog.