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I spent my morning working in Starbucks, but have been off the clock all day after that. Unfortunately, my father was let go from his state employment position and I’ve attempted some damage control with him at his home. Luckily, he’s just nine miles away. I normally try to find worthwhile mobile tech items to write about all day long as this is my full-time vocation. Guess that makes you folks my bosses? Oy!Regardless, I’m glad I had my UMPC and EV-DO card with me as my father doesn’t have Internet service in his home. We actually just moved him to the house in February, where he lives alone. I’d been harping on him to get some web service, but it didn’t happen. Since he has no access to his work e-mail, which was his only e-mail address, we were able to quickly set him up with a Gmail account. Thanks to some phone calls and networking, his first e-mail is already in with a potential job opportunity. If you’re a person of prayer and can spare one for him, I’d personally appreciate it. In any case, he’s working on the list of “to-do’s” that we came up with and I’m back on the clock. I’ll make up the time to you, so please don’t dock my vacation time, ‘k? Thanks. :)


Kevin C. Tofel

Thanks for all the well wishes and support. I spent some time this morning helping my father with some more logistics and we even got his FiOS installation pushed up from next week to this Thursday. Of course, his desktop is circa-2002, so I’m rebuilding a newer HP Pavilion notebook for him today. Thanks again!


Send your dad some luck from me Kevin. I’m sure he’ll land on his feet with a helpful son like you around ;)


All best wishes to your father who will no doubt take this as an unexpected opportunity.


All best wishes to your father who will no doubt take this as an unexpected opportunity.

Don Miller

My thoughts and prayers are with your dad. Thank you for all that you do.


Yep, my thoughts are with him too. Having had a similar situation happen to my father, who found employment quickly only to then find that job didn’t work for him, I understand what you are going through.

My fingers are crossed, thoughts and prayers are being made and I hope and trust this will all work out for him.


Was he RIF’d? Doesn’t PA have a RIF list? Are state employees union? I was a Washington state employee for 26 some years until 1/1/08 whan I retired. He should have COBRA and UI benefits to hold him over until he finds a new job. Good luck. My good thoughts are beamed to him.

Aaron J. Walker

Sorry to hear about your dad, Kevin.

Good thing he has a son like you around :) And it sounds like (fingers crossed, prayers prayed) that his unemployment may be short term.

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