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iMacs Updated

Today Apple update its line of iMacs.

This really is not that much of an update, but if you are like me and shopping for a new iMac, the addition of more RAM to the $1499 model is a welcome addition.

The 4GB of RAM for only $180 more is much better than the $360 it used to cost. The processors speeds were also bumped, and Apple threw in the Penryn chips, up to 3.06 Ghz.

This picture is the deal with wireless mouse and keyboard, iWork ’08, and the education discount (hey, if you can get a discount, use it).

6 Responses to “iMacs Updated”

  1. Daniel


    I’ve bought my new iMac last year as well, and directly bought some extra RAM online (not with Apple). Adding RAM is very, very easy. As a true hardware noob I’m always afraid to break stuff, but this is just a matter of removing the protection thingie on the button, clicking the extra RAM in the free slot and putting back the protection. That’s it.

  2. Yes, new imacs seems good. However, you should not buy ram on Mac websites. It’s really expensive. Just buy your mac with 2gb and go to a computer shop for 2gp additionnal (only $40/$50).

    Mmmm… I am thinking to buy my first iMac… Will I choose this new or not…. ? :)

  3. You can’t upgrade your processor. But do you really need it? I mean, the imac was already a very powerful machine, how much speed do you really need?
    I’m very happy with my 2.4 Ghz Macbook Pro, and I don’t just check my mail on it! :)

  4. Jethro Jones

    David, Not that I know of. One of the advertisers on this site (Crucial Memory) can sell you some RAM that you can install. I haven’t tried a RAM upgrade on the new Macs, so I am not sure how hard it would be. The processor upgrade, though, it quite a bit trickier from what I understand.

  5. Anyone wanna buy a gently-used spleen? Only $2199, (plus removal fees).

    On a more serious note, there is speculation that the chips are actually Montevinas.

  6. David M. Parson

    As a new Mac convert I purchased an iMac last October. Can mine be updated to 3.06 ghz and 4 meg memory, without it costing an arm and leg?

    Thank you.