DocStoc Raises $3.25 Million in Series B Funding


DocStoc, an LA-based start-up that makes sharing and embedding documents simple, has raised $3.25 million in Series B funding from Rustic Canyon Partners. The company had raised an undisclosed amount of money earlier. The funds put the company on somewhat of an even playing field with competitor, Scribd, which has reportedly raised $3.5 million from Redpoint Ventures, and recently announced iPaper. In comparison with Scribd, DocStoc is focusing on sharing of “business and legal documents” that will eventually help the company get into the lucrative corporate market.



Doc-sharing is useful and much needed. But I consider the revenue model for products like XinXii (german service) more meaningful than DocStoc: uploads for free, downloads must be purchased – price established by author.

David Mullings

I love Scribd and recently wanted to look at different business plan outlines. A quick search on Scribd and a couple downloads later, I had a few templates to check out.

Competition is always good so DocStoc should definitely result in better products for both. I am a little concerned about small businesses sharing documents. I certainly know that there are lots of documents I would NOT want to put on the web for my business.

In the past I have put my presentations from conferences up on Scribd and intend to upload whitepapers.


Ken/Om, can you elaborate on how you find the service useful and needed?

Ramon Zarate

Trying to understand fit for SMB- Why would a Small Business use this service?

Also, what is revenue model for docstoc and scribd..

Ken Leebow

I’ve been looking for a site/product like this. It’s incredible. Easy to upload, easy to embed! Great product and much needed! And you can’t beat the price: FREE!

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