Copernic Desktop Search: Free, Fast File Finding

Recently, one of my favorite desktop search tools–Copernic Desktop Search–has had a couple of good upgrades. If you haven’t used this free desktop search tool before, and especially if you maintain a large inbox in products such as Microsoft Outlook, it can be a very quick solution when you need to find things. It’s for more than just searching e-mail, though.

You can view an animated tour of how the application works at the Copernic site. While I initially started using it for searching my giant Outlook e-mail inbox, I’ve come to really appreciate its ability to search my desktop for targeted types of rich media.

Copernic Desktop Search sits in my Windows tray so that I can bring it up instantly whenever I need it. Some desktop search products that stay loaded in this way can start to degrade your system performance, but Copernic never gives me that problem. It’s been tuned for memory usage in recent updates.

Across a toolbar atop the application, you have a series of icons for e-mail searches, web searches, searching just for photos, music, videos, contacts and more. Typically, before you finish typing a word in, say, an e-mail you’re looking for, it will return what you need. You can also do an All search, which executes surprisingly quickly compared to doing a similar search using Windows.

In my experience with Gmail, searching for messages is very fast, but my Gmail archives aren’t as large as the ones I’ve built over the years in Outlook. If you too tire of waiting to find files in applications such as Outlook or in Windows, try Copernic.

Do you use a dedicated desktop search application? What’s your favorite?


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