Warner Bros. TV Unveils Online Programming Slate; WB Gets Second Chance As Female-targeted Video Net


Although details slipped out about its broadband plans a few weeks ago, Warner Bros. TV Group is now prepared to say it’s resurrecting its WB Network TV brand as an ad-supported video network that will offer a mix of new programming and old series aimed at women viewers. TheWB.com, which launches next week in beta, is part of the WBTVG’s overall digital expansion called “Warner Bros.


Glenn Rubenstein

The addition of "original content" in the form of new and original online series does sound promising. And I'm not just talking "promising" from *my* perspective as an online series creator. I'll reserve final judgment until it launches–and keep my fingers crossed that it doesn't just look like television on the web–but this does sound like a more interesting online endeavor than what I'd expect from an established studio or network. Oh, and congrats to the guys at Big Fantastic!

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