outs Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium Vista model


Samsungq1ultrapremiumThis isn’t a terribly huge surprise, but it appears that is now offering a different variation of the Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium. I bought the Q1UP-XP which had Microsoft Windows XP Tablet Edition pre-installed and 1 GB of RAM. The Q1UP-V will of course sport Microsoft Windows Vista, although I can’t tell which edition it will have. My guess would be the Home Premium edition, although the Business and Ultimate editions also support Tablet PC functionality.The price for the Q1UP-V at is listed at $1,449.00, which is a $150 premium over what I paid for my UMPC running Windows XP. The extra cost gets you Vista, but also gets you a 2 GB stick of RAM installed; I don’t see any other differences. While it’s not difficult to buy and install the 2 GB yourself, I could see some folks just opt to buy this higher-priced model so the upgrade is done for them. shows the device as temporarily out-of-stock with no ETA on an availability date.(via Origami Project)



Thanks for the head’s up Hoot. I agree that from a practical standpoing that bag does seem like it would offer good protection for travelling to and from work with the ol cQ. I think I’d prefer to find something that looks more like a small laptop bag or organizer as opposed to the small backpack/satchel look though.


On another site, a Q1 user recommends an “REI Boarding Bag” (, which retails for about $40. I had one in my hands this past weekend, but thought to go to Best Buy and look one more time in computer bags, camera bags, dvd bags, etc.

Although a little more that I would like to spend, the REI bag so far appears to be a great solution.


Not to diverge too much from the topic at hand, but I’ve had a question for regular users of the Q1U for a while now. I have the Q1U-EL (the low end Vista version of the last batch) and can’t for the life of me find a convenient way to carry it around.

Currently I tuck the CompanionQ away in an old DVD binder lined with foam, and then that in a regular laptop bag to carry it, the charger, and host of other gadgets to use with it (BT GPS, iGo Keyboard, etc). I’ve heard nothing but bad things about the official Samsung case and have looked at some of the portable hard drive and DVD player cases I’ve heard suggested at the usual electronics stores (Best Buy, CC, and the like) but haven’t been particularlly impressed. So I’m wondering what kind of solution do you folks use?


I just installed FireFox and works on my Q1UP. I guess is incompatible with Internet Explorer on Q1UP. Weird!!


I know you said previously that you didn’t want to get into “howtos” re Mac OS X on Q1UP, but I can’t restrain my curiosity about external video. Can you tell us if it works at all and, if so, how? I would like to carry a smaller machine to presentations, but hate to give up Keynote.

Kevin C. Tofel

Hmm… I don’t know of any places that will do the RAM upgrades, but I’m sure services like this exist. I’d offer to do it, but I don’t know that I want to get in that business, just from a liability standpoint. In the very unlikely event that something was broken, I’d have to pay for a new unit and I could barely afford my own. ;)

Maybe a local computer shop in combination with the video instructions would work?

Hard to say how much the LED backlighting helps; the best way to test that would be to take an identical unit that doesn’t have LED and test it. Remember that the Q1UP comes standard with the bigger 6-cell battery: 5 to 6 hours of full use is to be expected. I ordered a second 6-cell so I’m good all day. In fact, I’m in Starbucks right now and I’m sitting as far from the power outlet as one can. ;)

I’ll have to try later in the week. I haven’t been able to force myself to pull OSX from the Q1UP just yet. The site works fine in Safari, but that doesn’t help you.


Quick question for those of you who own Q1UP. Have you guys tried on your Q1UP? For some weird my internet explorer can’t display the webpage. Is it just me or anybody with same weirdness??


Just ordered my 2GB ram. I’m watching your “how-to” video every day to get used to installing the thing and I’ll probably be watching it as I install it. =D Wish me luck.


Kevin, looks like you’ve got a new business installing the second gig.

Are you getting fabulously longer battery life with the LED backed display? I’m really digging my Q1P, with two gigs and Vista. I REALLY like how vista behaves with this once I got all the drivers installed properly.

Wish I could get a bigger hard drive. Why is it possible for my kid’s ipod have a hundred and sixty gigs, but nothing bigger than a 60 is available for my Q1.


Willi W

Same here, looking for service to upgrade mine to 2GB – especially after watching the video :)

Charles B Nash

Kevin..I own the Q1UP (XP). Are you aware of any services that will install the 2 GB upgrade for me? (I’m not very tech savvy).

John in Norway

How is the split keyboard working out for you Kevin? Does it get better with age or do you not use it?

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