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AT&T Says it Doesn’t Reset P2P Traffic

AT&T denied allegations that it hampers P2P traffic using false “reset” commands. In comments filed with the FCC, the telco dismissed claims from the BitTorrent-based video distributor Vuze, which claimed that AT&T was among eight broadband providers interrupting down P2P file transfers.

Vuze is demanding further investigation into the matter to see whether P2P traffic is being singled out. In its response to the commission, AT&T vice president of Internet and network systems research Charles Kalmanek wrote “AT&T does not use ‘false reset messages’ to manage its network.” AT&T said that P2P resets can happen for any number of reasons not relating to AT&T’s network management.

While we can’t prove AT&T is up to any shenanigans, it’s not a complete stretch to imagine a giant telecommunications company with its own growing IPTV video service might want to keep customers from seeking a BitTorrent alternative. We’re just sayin’…

Net neutrality has been a hot topic as of late. Comcast recently agreed to stop targeting P2P traffic and play nice with BitTorrent. And if you think your internet provider is up to anything sneaky, check out these five ways to see if your ISP is throttling your P2P traffic.