SugarSync reviewed: sweet service for file synching

SugarsynclogoI’ve been reviewing SugarSync for the past several weeks and had an opportunity to publish a brief review at PC World. As a result, I won’t cover it here, but instead will direct you to my thoughts online in case you’re looking for a solution to sync files between multiple devices. There’s definitely some plusses with SugarSync, especially for folks that use both PCs and Macs, but there’s one feature I’d like to see included in the future. Based on my conversations with the good folks at SugarSync, that feature is high on the priority list. What is it? You’ll have to read the review to find out.My standard disclosure applies here: I get paid from PC World on a flat-fee, per article basis. There’s no financial incentive gained for me to send you over to the article; I’m simply sharing the information for those that might be interested in the review.


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