Verdiem Closes $12M Round, Adds CFO

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Verdiem, a Seattle, Wash.-based startup that makes power management software for office PCs, told us back in February it was in the process of raising “a substantial” round. Well, the company confirms with us this morning (hat tip Venture Wire) that it has closed that round of $12 million, led by NCD Investors (formerly Northgate Capital) and existing investors Kleiner Perkins, the Westly Group, Catamount Ventures, Falcon Partners and Phoenix Partners.

Verdiem sells its software to large organizations that want to centrally manage PC power consumption. The company told us back in February that this round of funding would be used for expansion as well as to work on new potentially web-based products.

While a lot of investors have stayed away from investing in energy-efficiency software (as VCs are commonly looking for more of an industry disruptor), this could start to change as the companies that are building and using IT are waking up to energy savings as a standard way to cut costs. And green software is one of the latest buzz words and trends that big companies like Microsoft, and Google, along with startups like Verdiem, are paying attention to.

Veridiem also said yesterday that it has added Steve Gordon, formerly CFO at Visio, as its chief financial officer and vice president of operations. In the announcement, Verdiem noted it has tripled in size from 2006 to 2007 and helped its corporate customers reduce their energy bills by over $55 million, which they say represents 500,000 tons of reduced CO2 emissions.

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